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  • Power of D Power of D
    The Pet Industry Distributors Association would like to introduce you to the Power of D — the value distributors bring to the supply chain in the pet industry. Some feel that consolidation at the distributor level has reduced the Power of D. Don’t be fooled. Though distributors are fewer in number than in years past, the volume of products and dollars flowing through the channel is greater than ever. Here’s a reminder of how manufacturing companies benefit from the Power of D.
  • PIDA Distributors Deliver!
    PIDA Distributor members recently participated in an industry size survey reporting the impact of pet product distribution on the industry. PIDA members deliver sales of $5.15 billion to drive industry growth and support for your products through 7.9 million square feet of warehouse space and 2.4 million deliveries annually, with regional events attracting over 20,000 attendees each year. See full stats in this infographic to see why working with a distributor is the most effective way to get your products to the market.
  • APPI Energy APPI Energy
    The Pet Industry Distributors Association has endorsed APPI Energy  to provide data-driven procurement solutions that reduce and manage electricity and natural gas supply costs for members on an ongoing basis. Every day, APPI Energy identifies the wide range of energy supplier prices across the U.S., and utilizes that data to provide the lowest prices available among many vetted, competing suppliers. APPI Energy now offers a full array of efficiency measures to reduce and track your consumption. To take advantage of this membership benefit program, contact Carrie Shepard at APPI Energy at 800-520-6685.
  • Pet Store Pro®
    Pet Store Pro offers brand-neutral, online training in sales and customer service, merchandising, nutrition, pet care and retail management best practices. Funded by PIDA members and available to pet retailers at no charge. A number of free resources can help distributors promote Pet Store Pro to their customers.
  • GPS for Pet Business, Building Your Company with Strategic Data Analysis & Planning
    PIDA members who are looking for a better way to understand their markets have a new resource in their corner. John Gibbons, author of the monthly PIDA Pet Economics Report, is now available to help distributors get a better handle on their business drivers through strategic data analysis. Strategic Data Analysis digs deep into sales data that every distributor has, but few know how to analyze effectively. This is a custom program that will be uniquely tailored to each PIDA member. There is no charge for initial consultation, up to 1 ½ hours. Once a plan is agreed upon, an initial retainer of $1,000 will be charged against an hourly rate of $100.

    "My goal is to work with PIDA members to strategically analyze your data and find immediate, real world actions to improve the sales and profitability of your business,” commented Gibbons. “More importantly, I want to provide you with any necessary skillsets and tools for you to continue the process on your own in the future. To be truly effective, strategic data analysis must be an ongoing part of your business plan." (Learn more)
  • Surveys
    PIDA frequently engages members in various surveys, providing critical data in the areas of employee compensation, customer satisfaction, performance benchmarking and industry size.
  • ITR ITR Advisor Economics Report
    Delivered monthly to PIDA members, the ITR Advisor is a quick snapshot of national and global trends – plus actionable advice on how to use it to your advantage. Written in a conversational tone, not heavy economic-speak, the ITR Advisor is a simple, quick, timely, and affordable way to stay informed about the state of the economy, with useful guidance and clear action points.
  • CST Co CST Co. — Your Key to Collections
    CST Co. has been the approved collection agency for PIDA since 1973. They are a full service commercial collection agency with over 90 years' experience in the personal handling of accounts in the US and worldwide. CST Co. is a founding member of the Commercial Collection Agencies of America, an agency member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors, and a proud member of the Credit Research Foundation. CST Co. is licensed and bonded in all US states where a commercial collection agency license or bond is required.

    PIDA members receive a 20-25% discount from CST Co.'s regular rates for preliminary collection service. PIDA members can take advantage of many other programs and services offered by CST Co. to its clients, many of which are at low or no cost. For more information, call 800-626-5873, or visit
  • NAW Business Services
    Publications and business services designed to meet the needs of wholesaler-distributors.
  • Product ID/Pet Industry Guidelines for Product ID, Labels and Shipments (GPID)
    Education, Knowledge, and Standards resource to help you deliver the right product to the right buyer at the right price and at the right place and time.
  • Global Pet Expo
    The pet industry’s largest annual trade show, open to independent retailers, distributors, mass-market buyers and other qualified professionals.
  • The Pet Care Trust
    Promoting public understanding of the joys and benefits of pets through education, support, and interaction through the Pets in the Classroom grant program.
  • Pet Economics Report
    PIDA Members looking for a more targeted focus on the pet industry have a new forecasting tool - the PIDA Pet Economics Report. This monthly report contains timely U.S. economic data, analysis and insights relevant to the pet industry and PIDA members. The Report is being produced for PIDA by John Gibbons, AKA "The Pet Business Professor," who has over 40 years' experience in consumer products sales and marketing, with 27 of those years in the pet industry.
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Pets in the Classroom
Global Pet Expo
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