PIDA members can take advantage of a number of management and marketing tools that add value to the process of getting products to market. Gain valuable insights on which strategies and practices work best for your business. Can be ordered online.

Cross-Industry Compensation Survey — PIDA has joined together with more than 35 other distribution organizations in sponsoring the largest cross-industry compensation survey ever conducted. Volume I of the final report focuses on the data collected for PIDA distributors as a group. Volume II aggregates the results of the entire sample which enables an in-depth examination of the data by both geographic area and firm sales size.

Power of D Marketing Kit helps manufacturers take full advantage of the value distributors bring to the pet product channel. The series of brochures includes tips on how to make your products more attractive to buyers and get them to market faster.

Distribution and Manufacturing Software Guides — The 28th Edition of the Distribution Software Guide has become the most used directory for wholesale distributors looking to replace or upgrade their existing business software. The guide provides detailed vendor information including feature matrixes for Enterprise Distribution and Complementary Solutions.

In response to market demand, the 12th Edition of the Manufacturing Software Guide has been developed to meet the unique needs of the manufacturing supply chain community. This guide includes detailed vendor pages, company demographics, product information, and a feature matrix.

Members can request a free copy of the guides via email to

Pet Industry Guidelines for Product ID, Labels and Shipments (GPID) - Productivity is not really about the latest technology it is really about being a good partner. Good partners use a modest amount of technology like the Internet, Bar Codes (and perhaps RFID) to enable the flow of information up and down the supply chain. Most importantly, good partners use standards to communicate information so they can avoid the cost of special conditions for each of their trading partners. The Pet Industry wants all its members, large and small, distributors and manufacturers to thrive and has partnered with InsightU, creating The Partners in Productivity Program.

NAW Publications — Through PIDA's partnership with NAW, members can receive access and discounts to a catalog of publications to help your business.

ITR Advisor Economics Report — Delivered monthly to PIDA members, the ITR Advisor is a quick snapshot of national and global trends — plus actionable advice on how to use it to your advantage. Written in a conversational tone, not heavy economic-speak, the ITR Advisor is a simple, quick, timely, and affordable way to stay informed about the state of the economy, with useful guidance and clear action points.

Pet Economics Report — PIDA Members looking for a more targeted focus on the pet industry have a new forecasting tool - the PIDA Pet Economics Report. This monthly report contains timely U.S. economic data, analysis and insights relevant to the pet industry and PIDA members. The Report is being produced for PIDA by John Gibbons, AKA “The Pet Business Professor,” who has over 40 years’ experience in consumer products sales and marketing, with 27 of those years in the pet industry.

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