PIDA Performance Benchmarking Program

PIDA's Annual Performance Benchmarking Survey allows supplier and distributor members to rate each other in three key categories: Sales, Marketing & Promotions and Logistics & Operations. The compiled results are sent to members in the form of a Report Card showing confidential, individual scores in each category. These report cards also lets members know how they measure up against the rest of the industry. These report cards will be sent to members prior to the Annual Management Conference, and are a useful tool during the Executive Conference program.

Compensation Survey

PIDA has joined together with more than 35 other distribution organizations in sponsoring the largest cross-industry compensation survey ever conducted. Volume I of the final report focuses on the data collected for PIDA distributors as a group. Volume II aggregates the results of the entire sample which enables an in-depth examination of the data by both geographic area and firm sales size. To order a copy of the most recent survey, complete the ONLINE ORDER FORM.

Industry Size Survey

PIDA Distributors Deliver!
2013 Survey Results

Last year, PIDA surveyed its 53 distributor members to find out what portion of the $56 billion in annual pet services and product sales consumed by the American public is served by its members. The results reveal a segment of the market that is large and growing.

PIDA-member distributors collectively did more than $3.3 billion in sales at wholesale last year — an increase of $3 million from the year before. This translates to more than $4.45 billion in retail sales, assuming an average gross margin of 35 percent.

PIDA-member distributors have made huge investments in warehouse space, equipment and people to get manufacturers' products onto retailers' shelves and into the hands of consumers. PIDA members have 104 distribution centers, comprising 7.5 million square feet of warehouse space. They maintained, on average, $326 million in inventory, in stock, for immediate delivery. They made over 3 million deliveries to retail customers—that's more than 8,200 deliveries a day—with an average invoice of $1,076 per delivery.

PIDA distributor members employ 5,400 people to sell, pick, pack, deliver and collect payment for the products that manufacturers make. Nearly 1,000 inside and outside sales people call on retailers to promote the benefits of manufacturers' products.

Distributors hold 51 trade shows and open houses each year to get manufacturers and retailers together for product demos and special offers. 21,000 pet store owners and their employees attended these events.

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