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APPI Energy

APPI Energy provides data-driven procurement solutions that reduce and manage electricity and natural gas supply costs for members on an ongoing basis. Every day, APPI Energy identifies the wide range of energy supplier prices across the U.S., and utilizes that data to provide the lowest prices available among many vetted, competing suppliers. APPI Energy now offers a full array of efficiency measures to reduce and track your consumption. To take advantage of this membership benefit program, contact Carrie Shepard at APPI Energy at 800-520-6685.

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APPI Energy


CST Co. — Your Key to Collections

CST Co. has been the approved collection agency for PIDA since 1973. They are a full-service commercial collection agency with over 90 years' experience in the personal handling of accounts in the US and worldwide. CST Co. is licensed and bonded in all US states where a commercial collection agency license or bond is required. PIDA members can take advantage of programs and services offered by CST Co, many of which are at low or no cost. For more information, call 800-626-5873.

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Pet Industry Guidelines for Product ID, Labels and Shipments (GPID)

Productivity is not really about the latest technology it is really about being a good partner. Good partners use a modest amount of technology like the Internet and Bar Codes (and perhaps RFID) to enable the flow of information up and down the supply chain. Most importantly, good partners use standards to communicate information so they can avoid the cost of special conditions for each of their trading partners. The Pet Industry wants all its members, large and small, distributors and manufacturers to thrive and has partnered with InsightU, creating The Partners in Productivity Program.

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